Emerge Memphis is a key partner in the region's innovation ecosystem that provides strategic support to startup companies, innovators and entrepreneurs in the Mid-South.

We focus on three key services to aid in the success of our startups: developing dynamic teams of professionals, organizing effective and efficient business models, and guiding businesses as they navigate tricky start-up environments. Emerge Memphis also provides innovative and flexible office space solutions for growing businesses where new entrepreneurs can work alongside their professional peers. By supporting and strengthening the innovation ecosystem, we seek to grow the region's innovation economy. 



  • NURTURE – Work with intra/entrepreneurs to foster entrepreneurial culture and energy in the start-up community.
  • DEVELOP – Educate and train entrepreneurs start-up skills through technical assistance programs.
  • CONNECT – Identify & introduce entrepreneurs to networks that will help them define, develop and validate a replicable and scalable business model.
  • GROW – Provide a flexible, vibrant and effective work environment for a startup to grow with programs that facilitate ease and seamless expansion and transition outside of the incubator.



Startups need three key services to help them succeed - PEOPLE, ORGANIZATION, and ENVIRONMENT. 

  • PEOPLE – A startup is a temporary and dynamic organization of people arranged to find a scalable and repeatable business model. We help startups find and develop the right team with the right knowledge, motivation and passion to accomplish this objective quickly and efficiently. 

  • ORGANIZATION – The goal of any startup is to create a scalable business model that efficiently creates, sustains and delivers value to customers. We assist startups to quickly organize themselves to be more efficient, effective, solve tasks, and deal with uncertainty and failures. The focus is to help startups understand the entrepreneurial process. Build and arrange an effective organization that can navigate uncertainty, fail and learn quickly. 

  • ENVIRONMENT - Customers, partners, industry experts, service providers, investors, angels, VCs, and mentors are all stakeholders that startups must navigate and connect efficiently and effectively to be successful. We focus on developing the right way in how the startup interacts with its environment.